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The Kalligan rapture

January 2013
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Soundtrack of the short film The Kalligan rapture

Film by Stéphane Drouot.


The Kalligan rapture is a mini web-series in 4 episodes, a fantasy on the seasons, an ode to nature, an invitation to dream.

A man, his face dark, walking down an alley cradled in fall colors. Worried, he sees around him, as fearing a sudden attack of the surrounding houses. Nothing. He walks with a slow, head tucked into the shoulders as if to protect himself from the cold. he wanders
in the city, always looking as if he was being chased and nothing ever comes. Some passersby. No torment, nothing.


Cyril Humbert played the follow instruments :CTK-3000, Yamaha A5000, Roland SC-8850, Roland Edirol, Symphonic Choirs, EWQLSO PRO XP Platinum, Kontakt 4, Omnisphere, Symphobia 2.

Recorded and mixed at Żagań Productions private studio on Cubase 5.

Front cover by lacrymosa æterna industry.

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