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Musiques pour films (film-music)

November 2003
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About the album

Created between January and November 2003.

Twelve tracks usable for various contexts in movies.
- Duration 57:55 min.

Used in the documentary directed by Bernard Genevrier about water cycle in Saint Etienne (France) and shown at the economic fair of St Etienne in front of an audience of 300 000.

Production tools

  • Hardware :
    • GEM, Roland Sound Canvas SC-50
    • Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850
    • MD SONY MZ-R35 for studio recording.
  • Software : Cubase VST32 and MIDI functionnalities.
    • MIDI Programming in SYSEX on SC-8850 for EFX.
    • More effects and final mixing in Sound Forge.

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