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Stargate Odyssea

April 2005
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About the album

Original soundtrack composed for the french amateur fan-series : Stargate Odyssea.

This project has been created in 2000 by Cédric Telmis and the members of the SGC team.

The fan-series is a non-profit project and every participent is a volunteer..

Stargate Odyssea will probably be presented in the upcoming Stargate convention of Paris (France) called Chevron 2.

Lenght : 9:12 min.

Means of production

  • Hardware :
    • Casio CTK-573
    • Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850
  • VSTi :
    • Roland Edirol
    • EWQLSO PRO XP Gold
    • Stormdrum Kompakt
    • Symphonic Choirs.
  • Software :
    • Mixing and mastering in Cubase VST32.
    • Final mastering using Sound forge 8.0 and L3 Ultramaximizer.

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