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Coeur Martial

January 2013
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Musical setting of the short film Heart Martial

Film of Laurent Gonel.


During an imaginary war, located in an alternate history matriarchal Amazons a handful of soldiers were responsible for monitoring one of them accused of desertion and before a court martial in a logging camp in winter.
The atmosphere is tense between them and the prisoner, most seeing it as a coward, some want revenge on her horrors suffered because of the war and are even willing to spend tobacco… [...]

Despite his courage, respect for life, and his ability to forgive, our heroic prisoner still eventually executed by his own ... then we find, after an ellipse, aged medalist front of a monument to the memory of those who lost life during the war.
She thinks the memorial that will never date, rather than dedicated to all those who died refusing to kill their fellow

COEUR MARTIAL - Laurent Gonel


Cyril Humbert played the follow instruments :CTK-573, B.C. RICH Platinum - Warlock Bass,Takamine G series Electro Acoustic, Yamaha A5000, Roland SC-50, Roland SC-8850, Roland Edirol, Symphonic Choirs, EWQLSO PRO XP Gold, Stormdrum Kompakt, Stylus RMX.

Recorded and mixed at Żagań Productions private studio on Cubase SX3.

Front cover by Laurent Gonel.

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