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September 2006
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Séraphine is a short film by Lacrymosa Industry, which specificity is the fact that it has multiple soundtrack for the spectator to choose from.

You can discover the movie on Lacrymosa’s website.

Duration : 9:32 min

  • Hardware :
    • Casio CTK-573
    • Yamaha A5000
    • Tascam Portastudio 414
  • VSTi used:
    • Stormdrum Kompakt
    • EWQLSO PRO XP Gold
    • Symphonic Choirs
    • Roland Edirol
    • Steinberg D’Cota
    • V-Station

Audio & video synchronisation .
Mixing audio over 90 stereo tracks.
Mixage and mastering using Cubase VST32.
Final mastering in Sound forge 8.0 using L3 Ultramaximizer.

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