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Alter Ego

January 2013
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Production tools

  • equipment used :
    • Casio CTK-573
    • Yamaha A5000
    • Tascam Portastudio 414
    • Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850.
  • VSTi used :
    • EWQLSO PRO XP Gold
    • Stormdrum Intakt
    • Hypersonic
    • X-treme FX
    • Stylus RMX
    • Spectrasonics Atmopsphere
    • Symphonic Choirs.

Recording, mixing and management VSTi in Cubase SX3.
Sync audio / video.


Additional effects and final master in Sound Forge 8.0 with L3 Ultramiximizer.

"Olivier Grandcoeur said" Mr. Happiness "is a favorite of the presidential elections to be held next year.
On his heels, François Zeger, a senior official of the DST, trying to see through the tricks of Happiness and dismantle the network of heroin with which he built his fortune.
Zeger has only one obsession: to send Happiness before a judge. But when justice does not work, it may be necessary to devise other methods ... ’

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