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Sois comme l’eau

May 2013
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Soundtrack from movie Sois comme l’eau

Film Cherif Aïmen.


Rebelled against the injustices and crimes committed in the city, Van decided to act! Accompanied by Angel who shares his ideas, both wear a black mask. But during a clandestine mission to rescue, one of the undocumented is seriously wounded in the head. Can not abandon the two justices decide to take him and the treatment. The young man miraculously survived but lost his memory. Marked by this accident and plagued by guilt, Van decides to chuck everything to return to normal life taking care of him now that he appoint Kambat. Normal? Not really because Kambat, besides being amnesia seems to have declined as a slate mentally erased! Van, in a deep depression and almost alcoholic, will have much to do and know many disappointments with this innocent child in a man’s body!


Cyril Humbert played the follow instruments :CTK-573, B.C. RICH Platinum - Warlock Bass,Takamine G series Electro Acoustic, Yamaha A5000, Roland SC-50, Roland SC-8850, Roland Edirol, Symphonic Choirs, EWQLSO PRO XP Gold, Stormdrum Kompakt, Stylus RMX.

Recorded and mixed at Żagań Productions private studio on Cubase 5.

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