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Ce que font les morts

January 2013
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Soundtrack of the short film Ce que font les morts

Film by Tutella Prod.


« What the dead ... is similar to what the living. "It’’ s about this sentence that articulates the new draft Tutella Prod.

What happens when the migratory flow of life to death is reversed, the living gradually abandoning the land to make way for the wandering souls of the dead? Are they really so different from us? The short film, a variant on a theme already addressed by Shaomi literature and comics, features a character who is investigating the phenomenon, trying to understand the causes for the triumph of life ... and loses much of its illusions along the way.


Cyril Humbert played the follow instruments :CTK-573, B.C. RICH Platinum - Warlock Bass,Takamine G series Electro Acoustic, Yamaha A5000, Roland SC-50, Roland SC-8850, Roland Edirol, Symphonic Choirs, EWQLSO PRO XP Gold, Stormdrum Kompakt, Stylus RMX.

Recorded and mixed at Żagań Productions private studio on Cubase SX3.

Front cover by lacrymosa æterna industry.

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